Everything's coming together.

  • Organize all your offerings on your own cloud-based platform.

  • Allow your users to point, click and pay.

  • Customize reports, manage your distribution, and save time.


    We make life easier for parents, students, and you.

    Boonli coordinates everything from signups to transactions, school lunches to after-school activities, saving headache and hassle for parents, students, and you.

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  • Workplaces

    We put the "lunch" in "lunch meetings."

    Boonli's flexible software enables seamless coordination and menu customization from your favorite local restaurants for both employee lunches and group meetings.

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  • Restaurants and Caterers

    We make taking orders a piece of cake.

    With Boonli, customers can log in, see menus and place orders online, without time-consuming phone calls or lengthy emails. We help you focus on what matters: the food, not the paperwork.

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