How it works

Boonli streamlines the way you serve lunch, providing a seamless integration between the order and the kitchen – and removes the complications that get in the way of delivering great food to your clients.

Whether you serve one client or a dozen, Boonli effortlessly keeps orders and partnerships on track, allowing you to provide customized lunch programs, track orders and eliminate waste. Boonli is built to meet the needs and requirements of any organization you serve, from school lunch programs to workplace food offerings.

  • We help you load your menus onto our cloud platform and show you how to update them as your offerings change
  • You define ordering rules that work best for your kitchen with customized ordering deadlines and meal cycles on our flexible software platform.
  • Focus on the food, not the paperwork. Customers log in, review menus and place orders online.
  • Zero food waste. Your team can pull orders daily for each organization you serve. You’ll know exactly what you need to prepare, where it needs to go and when it needs to be there.
  • Our reporting suite unlocks access to data on your operations, helping you improve processes, identify trends and reduce costly food waste.

Work smarter and grow your business. Connect to all your organizations in one place, scale your operations and take your business to the next level.

See how Heritage Kitchens streamlines their school catering business with Boonli:

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