How it works

At Boonli, we know lunch inside and out.

For more than a decade, we’ve provided software to over 1,000 schools and caterers, helping them infuse excitement into their food programs. We know how schools eat and how vendors operate, and we facilitate the crucial relationships between the two so that they run seamlessly.

School lunch programs require the orchestration of countless moving pieces

Creating menus, finding vendors, taking orders, processing payments, sending orders to vendors – and you haven’t even gotten to monitoring the lunch room.

Our Lunch Experts walk you through a systemized process.

We assess the needs of your school, connect you with our Boonli-certified food vendors or other quality food offerings in your area, create menus that are perfectly fit to your school, and get that food delivered or prepped onsite daily – at no cost to your school.

Partnering your catering business with Boonli is the best way to bring your food to schools.

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Keep all the moving pieces perfectly in sync.

Once we’ve got the plan in place, we provide tools you need to execute a great lunch program.

  • Parents log into Boonli’s easy-to-use system to choose what their children will eat, plan menus, and order with convienent payment options.
  • Vendors and cooks get real-time ordering, with formatted food prep reports that save you time and money.

Our centralized platform ensures that your school program executes seamlessly. We also help you continue to get the most out of Boonli’s many services.

  • Managing partnerships and updating your lunch offerings
  • Exploring fundraising options
  • Coordinating school trips and functions
  • Accepting payments from parents and students

Our team provides ongoing support and guidance to ensure that Boonli continues to work for you and your school’s offerings.